Find your flow with virtual yoga sessions.

Virtual 1:1 and group yoga sessions from a Registered Yoga Teacher in New York.

In the hustle of daily life, finding time for yourself can be a challenge.

That’s why at Nourished Nutrition and Fitness, we bring the rejuvenating power of yoga directly to you, wherever you are.

Our virtual yoga classes are designed to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle, giving you a chance to breathe, stretch, and strengthen your body and mind at your convenience.

Yoga can help you...

Yoga is more than just poses; it's a pathway to better health and increased peace of mind.

eliza whitaker nutrition counseling

Improve Flexibility and Strength

Stretch and strengthen your body with each pose and flow.
eliza whitaker nutrition counseling

Reduce Stress

Find your inner calm and manage daily stress more effectively.
eliza whitaker nutrition counseling

Better Well-being

Connect your mind, body, and spirit for holistic health.

Virtual Yoga Classes designed just for you

hi there

I'm Eliza

Yoga is a great way to stay fit, and flexible, and to reduce stress.

As a 200-hour certified yoga teacher, I'll guide you through personalized and customized sessions aimed at improving your overall well-being.

I take a foundational approach to yoga breaking down each posture to help you target the proper muscles and ensure your safety.

Whether you're a seasoned yogi or stepping on the mat for the first time, you'll leave the session feeling better than you did at the beginning.

Client testimonials

What my clients are saying

Read some of their amazing stories here!


I went to the doctor last week and it was the first time my blood pressure wasn't high. So exciting!


I finally realized that not only am I a chronic yo-yo dieter but I am also a yo-yo exerciser. I wouldn't have been able to recognize this without Eliza. Now we are working on healing this.


I went out for dinner with my sister to celebrate her birthday. It was the first time I was able to really enjoy what I was eating and not feel guilty about having dessert to celebrate!

Previous client

I used to drink a 6-pack of soda every day. Now I have one soda a month if that, and I don't usually finish it. This never would have happened if I hadn't started working with Eliza.


I used to eat all the food on my plate and would keep eating even though I was uncomfortably full. Yesterday during lunch, I noticed I was full, so I put my leftovers in the fridge to have later. I am finally learning to listen to my body! I'm eating earlier too and have started to notice that I feel lighter. I'm waking up more refreshed and don't feel as weighed down by food.

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